Program offer

Association Laetitia organizes concerts and other music programs in which the choir Laetitia or its part usually performs, often in collaboration with guest singers and instrumentalists. We can individually arrange a program with other cast as well.

Programs realized in a chamber cast

(singing, recitation, string instruments, flutes, cemballo, organs)

Loutna česká a show combining music and words from a work of a classic of czech baroque music Adam Václav Michna from Otradovice
a program composed of texts from Amsterodam hymn-book of Jan Amos Komenský and music of Petr Eben
Čas adventní
(Advent time)
a music show composed of czech rorate songs and advent and christmas texts
(Czech romantism)
Biblic songs of Antonín Dvořák and vocal and instrumental works of Josef Bohuslav Foerster

The choir Laetitia organizes concerts of vocal-instrumental music of all periods and styles on regular basis and appears at both temporal and church festive occasions. For this purpose, the choir has a wide repertoire including sacred songs, masses and temporal music.

Illustrative selection of music from the choir's repertoire

Stabat Mater (F.I.Tůma)
Ave Maria (J.Arcadelt)
Ave Maria (S.Rachmaninov)
Laudes Christo Redemptori (J.Obrecht)
"Eli, Eli" (Déakbárdos)
Domine Deus (O. di Lasso)
Omnes amici mei (J.D.Zelenka)
Caligaverunt oculi mei (J.D.Zelenka)
velkopáteční pašije (Good Friday passions)
Salve Regina (F.Poulenc)
Quem vidistis pastores dicite (F.Poulenc)
O Magnum mysterium (F.Poulenc)
Requiem (G.Verdi)
Česká mše vánoční (Czech Christmas mass) (J.J.Ryba)
vánoční koledy (Christmas songs)
Cum decore (T.Susato)
Z tej strany Dunaja (B.Martinů)
Milování bez vídání (M.Raichl)
Maypole song (M.Raichl)
Mattona mia cara (O. di Lasso)
Satirická píseň (J.Adelf)
and many other extensive and short compositions.

We can design a program specificly for your needs. If you are interested in more information contact us.